Get Your Projects Under Control

If you are like me, you might accumulate quite a few unfinished projects. It starts out innocently enough. Perhaps you see something in need of fixing around the house and you gather some of what you need to tackle the chore. But then you get sidetracked so the project gets postponed. Or […]


Friends . . . it is a word that suffers from an identity problem. You see, it is a concept that gets bandied around much too casually. It is to the point where the real meaning has been forgotten. And, the causes are many. First and foremost is the harried pace […]

How To Tie Your Shoes

  It’s the holidays and you have plenty of stuff going on already so just a short post with a little present for you. Since this blog is about simple, it is good to return to the basics every once in awhile. How to tie your shoes is certainly both basic and […]

American Healthcare 2

While some in Congress are busy trying to eliminate what they perceive as “the dark side’s” effort to improve American healthcare, it appears they didn’t do much research to back up their positions. In 2014 the Commonwealth Fund published (an update to) a study looking at how the U.S. healthcare […]

Buy Smarter, Buy Better

It is interesting to look at the stuff we buy, think about why we bought it and just sometimes, say to ourselves . . . . what the heck was I thinking? I found myself confronting this exercise for the past several weeks while getting rid of stuff (literally everything) […]

Jobs: Soon A Thing Of The Past 1

Not that long ago, jobs were analyzed in terms of how many were being added to the labor force and how many were projected to be added going forward. Now, jobs are being viewed in terms of how much their number is contracting! In fact, according to the BLS, the […]

The Value of Stretching 1

In the rush to get through my workout (whatever that might be, even yard-work), it is easy for me to neglect stretching. Yet, whenever I actually do stretch, it is hard to not smile at how good it feels. It seems the world we live in puts a lot of stress on our […]

Simple Filing System

Most people today, are buried in paper. And all that paper, has made records retention a nightmare. We get receipts for everything from a cup of coffee to a car purchase and everything in between. And while they seem easy to collect, they are hard to get rid of. And […]

Climate Change

As we prepare to travel around the country, one of the important factors to us, is climate. In addition, we want to understand how we can expect climate change to affect areas we might decide to move to. I found this link to The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication the other […]

Music Can Help You Relax

A search for using music to relax will uncover a wealth of info about the science behind it and various ways to do achieve Nirvana. But most of what you see, will tell you about listening to music to relax, which is great but, you can actually do even more! Believe […]