About Blogging

After blogging here for about two and a half years, I thought I would share some thoughts about what I have learned from the experience.  Blogging can be simple to do but be prepared to roll your sleeves up and get into things if you want it to be more and read […]

There Are Limits

We all have people telling us things to “help us”, and because in a basic way, they make sense, we assume they are true. Due to the media and advertising, we are bombarded with thousands of messages a day. But in actual fact, most of those statements and messages have […]

Write Dates On Your Stuff

If you write dates on the your stuff, you will instantly gain a level of information and control over your consumption habits you never before had. For one thing, you won’t buy supplies until you really need them. If you also write down how long the last purchase lasted, this […]

Millenials Don’t Want Stuff Either

It isn’t only the retiring Baby Boomers who are beginning to shun stuff. It turns out millennials don’t want stuff either. The Washington Post did an interesting article about this and there is a link below this post. But, one needs only look around to see the changes that are occurring. […]

Stuff Status Update

Recently, an article in Time Magazine, talked about America’s changing national outlook on stuff. This is a major shift in consumption patterns in the making. Those who don’t take heed, may be taken aback by the change or steamrolled by them. Believe it or not, we are starting to get […]

Learning Curve

Most repetitive tasks take longer the first time one attempts them.  That is the learning curve in real life. Planning for the likelihood of a learning curve in budgeting of your time will reduce stress. Here are some tips that can help: Learning curves can be “steep”, which actually mean you can […]

The Best Personal Information Managers

Last week, I gave an overview of personal information managers (PIMs) and as promised, this week, I will give you my recommendation for the best personal information manager today. After having used these sorts of products for over 25 years, I believe I have gained some insight into these tools and how […]

About Your Vacation

Dont You just love vacation? Most people do. Unfortunately, according to a story from CNN, not everyone is taking their fair share of them. Collectively, American workers are leaving 169 million days of paid time off on the table each and every year. Yup, that is $52.4 billion. I knew you […]

Investments Simplified . . . From A Big Player

Add Calpers, the California state employees retirement fund with nearly $300 billion in assets, to the voices of Warren Buffett and Jim Bogle in endorsing index funds for the best returns and to make their investments simplified. Since last year, Calpers has been moving from active fund management to the extensive use […]