Simplicity and things related to making thing simpler.

You Can Get Rid Of All Your Stuff 1

You Can Get Rid Of All Your Stuff I know you can. I say that because we just did it ourselves and know it can be done. Of course, we began a while back, with a lot of pruning of our possessions We disposed of the rest using various methods. […]

Email Is Dead

It’s sad. I have been told it was going to happen for some time but, I am afraid it is so. Email is dead. I am sure you have noticed it too. How many email “letters” have you gotten from friends or acquaintances lately? Doesn’t happen any more. And have […]

Stud Your Shoes

  If you are (un)lucky enough to live where things get a bit slippery at times, try this simple tip. Stud your shoes! I have done this since I began running and it works great. I use an old pair of shoes as I only use these for icy conditions. […]

Motorcycle Helmet With a Big Price Tag

If you are a rider who absolutely, positively has to have the best helmet, with all the bells and whistles, you certainly want this $1,900 beauty! Why? Well, it includes: Heads up display 180 degree rearview camera Phone integration Integrated music GPS And much more! Essentially, it is a smart helmet. But […]

How Big Of A House Do You Need? 3

If two people (you and one other person) are sharing a house, how big of a house do you need? Good question. I did some research and while the numbers vary somewhat I found the following facts: 1950 average house size was 983 square feet 1970 average house size was 1,400 […]

Simple Holidays

Now let’s get down to SIMPLE basics…  Last week I wrote to you about simplifying your electronic life (with wires, hair-pulling IT problems, inconsistency, etc.) with the wholly integrated system offered by Apple.  Essentially, yes.  It does simplify the life you are living now in order to maintain that life; […]

The Key to Simplifying – Less Is More

In my quest towards simplifying my life a bit, I needed a guide. With a little thought, it became obvious that there are downsides to having a lot of possessions. Things like: It is harder to find things as there are so many things around Decisions are more difficult (like […]

Einstein On Simplicity

I am a big fan of quotes. They are sort of like Haiku. Concise yet profound. I did some research and came across many quotes addressing the subject of simplicity by many famous people. One of my favorite, Albert Einstein, came up very well represented, accompanied by his own brand […]