Retirement Is Changing

How do you envision your retirement? Whether you are young or old, you probably either dream about it, worry about it, or think about it (as in planning for it). But ideas about retirement are changing in incredible ways, and you should probably be aware of them. And . . . […]

Could There Be A Trailer Park In Your Future?

The poor trailer park. It has gotten such a bad reputation over the years. And perhaps, rightly so, in the old days. But, due to demographic shifts we should consider if they can be of use.  And technological changes have really altered the manufactured housing marketplace.  As a result, there could be […]

What Makes A Good Retirement Location? 2

I began to ask myself what makes a good retirement location, a long time ago as part of planning where I wanted my life to go and how simply I could get there. What started out as a whimsical thought exercise just kept growing and growing as I explored further. […]

Simpler Retirement 3

Retirement? Everyone looks forward to retirement as a time to make things simpler and have some time to enjoy life. That doesn’t necessarily mean you stop working, though you might. Or then again, you might not. Retirement is a time of new starts for many. At least, it is an […]