Public Policy

The Dangerous Rise of Anti-Intellectualism

Today, we find ourselves immersed, up to our eyeballs, in an era of anti-intellectualism. We are all busy and bombarded with information every day but this is something we need to be aware of and not fall under it’s sway. Anti-intellectualism is not something new. It has existed for quite some […]

The Death Of Compromise

Compromise has historically been the key to progress in the Great American Experiment. All the way back to the time of the framers of the Constitution. Now, sadly, it appears to have died. And just maybe, with it the future of The American Dream. Failure to compromise, has led to […]

Economic Policy And Elections

Economic policy is discussed all the time but never more so than during election campaigning. And, everyone has magic answers to the problems of modern society that they will enact when they are elected. Unfortunately, much of what is said just isn’t true or doesn’t work the way the politicians tout […]

American Healthcare 2

While some in Congress are busy trying to eliminate what they perceive as “the dark side’s” effort to improve American healthcare, it appears they didn’t do much research to back up their positions. In 2014 the Commonwealth Fund published (an update to) a study looking at how the U.S. healthcare […]

The Changing Concept of Work In America

Ah, to be back in the golden age of the 50’s and 60’s. Then, work done by the American Worker was highly valued. Employees were well paid with salary, pension, and benefits. Along came globalization and global-mass production and price pressure and all of the great benefits of work have […]

Who Stole Our Overtime?

Soon people may ask, what was overtime? Luckily, the 99.9% find an occasional ally in the 0.1% and Nick Hanauer is one. He realizes what some are slow to grasp . . . the importance of a vibrant middle class. This article explains that the threshold salary that requires overtime is what it […]

Are Bigger Companies Better?

Are bigger companies better? I think the answer to that question is, It depends. Bigger companies have really helped improve product quality for the consumer but doing so has tended to turn various brands of products into cookie cutter copies of each other. All have the same basic functionality. Big companies […]

NJ Voting on Tiny Housing Solutions

TRENTON — A bill under consideration by the state Senate aims to put poor and homeless people in new homes. Tiny new homes. Not sure where I stand on this one. I think tiny housing is super but would prefer this particular solution for, say the elderly. A comment below the […]