Maximize Quality With Inspection

Quality is something you should aim for in everything you do. Inspection helps you achieve it. In some cases the results of failure to inspect our work can be substantial, but even day-to-day mundane things we do can stand some quality improvement. Have you ever noticed the misspellings in the emails you receive? […]

Understand Bandwidth

It’s Better Than Biting Off More Than You Can Chew! If you are like some of us (ahem, I hope I am not the only one), you probably tend to take on projects large and small, with the best of intentions. But the fact that there are only so many […]

How To Tie Your Shoes

  It’s the holidays and you have plenty of stuff going on already so just a short post with a little present for you. Since this blog is about simple, it is good to return to the basics every once in awhile. How to tie your shoes is certainly both basic and […]

Personal Information Managers

Personal information manager (PIM). It’s not a term you hear very often but as a software product group, they have been around a long, long time. Ever since it became obvious that computers would both save time and eat up a lot of time. Basically personal information managers allow you […]

Proactive Problem Solving

In dealing with situations that arise in our lives, those that have the best outcomes tend to be those with which we can use proactive problem solving. Dealing With Problems Proactively Typically, proactive problem solving deals with issues which we have prepared for and therefore, have a plan, should they arise. You probably […]

Pareto And Minimalism

Pareto was an economist (among other things) at the turn of the 20th century who fathered a concept later called the Pareto Principal. It is sometimes also known as the 80-20 rule, and to my surprise, The Law of the Vital Few! Believe it or not, this has a whole lot […]

An Organized Web Experience 1

Are you frustrated by the amount of time you find yourself spending on line, jumping from website to website just to keep up with things that matter most to you? Maybe it is time for you to create an organized web experience! It’s really not too hard, as many of […]

Project Management and Simple Living

While you might not think of the terms project management and simple living in the same breath, I believe that lessons learned from the field of project management can be very helpful in helping achieve simple living. I have long believed that many sophisticated methodologies are really simple at their […]

Resolutions That Work

Resolutions are something many of us make for the New Year, only to have them quickly fall by the wayside. The standard advice for writing resolutions is based on tips for creating goals and that is they should utilize a framework, like S.M.A.R.T., which stands for things you should be […]

Change And Progress

Thoughts About Change And Progress Two simple words, often used somewhat interchangeably without much thought, but they can have profoundly different impacts. While change has neither positive nor negative connotation, progress on the other hand, assumes improvement. Sometimes, change is great! It might help get us out of a rut or improve […]