How To Build A Budget

Hopefully, you already know how to build a budget but, lots of people don’t. And, even if you know how, maybe you will find a new tip or two here. Sometime back, I wrote a post about the need for a budget. You can find that post here. Hopefully some […]

The Hidden Financial Crisis

There is a hidden financial crisis looming and I think it will dwarf the tech bubble collapse and the mortgage crisis and the coming student loan crisis. Truth is, it’s been coming for a long time. Most Americans are spending far more than they should and sadly, as a result, […]

Understanding the Fiduciary Rule

On February 3, 2017, the president signed a memorandum rolling back the implementation, by the Department of Labor, of what has been come to be known as the fiduciary rule. This rule was set to go into effect on April 17th, 2017. Many do not know what the fiduciary rule […]

Tire Care And Your Safety

As we all go tooling down the two lane, we tend to remain totally oblivious to how important tire care is to our safety and well-being. Things so rarely go wrong. That is because the technology and quality of tire manufacturing is so good that they can accommodate a tremendous […]

Cheap or Frugal

Both cheap and frugal relate to how people behave in a transactional situation but, they have very different characteristics and motivations. The word cheap usually has a negative connotation. It evokes a person who avoids spending at all costs. This point of view holds that everything is overpriced. The focus is on spending less. The […]

Do You Have A Budget?

A budget is really a roadmap of sorts. It reflects the fact that you have given some thought to where your money will come from and how you plan to spend your money in some upcoming period of time. It might seem sensible that people who are living on the edge, […]

Money Leakage

Most of us have multiple areas in our financial lives that are subject to money leakage. Money leakage is like a dripping faucet in that it seems innocuous enough but when all the leaks are added up, it can be a lot more than we realize. Personally, I think of money in […]

Real Estate Values and Home Ownership

 We all want to feel warm and fuzzy about home sales and real estate values, which are a large driver of consumer spending. Real Estate Values But the jury is still out on how consumers are going to value home ownership after the great housing crash. Will it continue to have it’s […]

Investments Simplified . . . From A Big Player

Add Calpers, the California state employees retirement fund with nearly $300 billion in assets, to the voices of Warren Buffett and Jim Bogle in endorsing index funds for the best returns and to make their investments simplified. Since last year, Calpers has been moving from active fund management to the extensive use […]

The Home Ownership Myth

There is a home ownership myth that we all buy into a bit, whether we admit it or not and it relates to what home ownership is and what it is not. Owning a home is the American Dream! Remember, government policy supports home ownership with tax incentives and $6 […]