Making a Doctor’s Appointment

Making a doctor’s appointment is something that must be easy in this day and age. You would think . . . But, it’s not. I am qualified to tell you this after spending a day and a half trying to make a doctor’s appointment. I have always made the effort to […]

A New Age In Veterinary Care

 We love our cats and they are full members of our little traveling family. If you are like many Americans, you might very well have pets too. And you probably love them as much as we love our girls. If so, you need to know that vetrinary medicine is changing and, unfortunately, […]

Your Teeth And Your Health

It was ten or so years ago, during a visit to our vet, that I became aware of the impact of our teeth on our health. Our vet explained to us that periodontal disease had a significant impact on pets and that regular cleaning of animal teeth, would positively impact […]

The Value of Stretching 1

In the rush to get through my workout (whatever that might be, even yard-work), it is easy for me to neglect stretching. Yet, whenever I actually do stretch, it is hard to not smile at how good it feels. It seems the world we live in puts a lot of stress on our […]

About Those Speed Limits

Since I ride a motorcycle, I have had lots of time to think about speed limits. Sometimes I had time to think about them, when I was behind someone who likes to be sure he stays way under them. And it used to bother me. But more recently, I have come […]

Noise-It’s Worse Than You Think It is

We recently took an RV trip up to the Wellsboro, PA area. We did this because we wanted some really, really dark skies. Wellsboro, the home of the Grand Canyon of PA, has some of the darkest in the country. We were surprised to discover we found the noise every bit as […]


Sleep is one of the most neglected aspects of our health. In today’s rushed, 24X7 world, most of us do not get nearly enough sleep. How much is enough? Well, opinions differ but generally, researchers believe we need at least 7 hours a night. Less than this, and research indicates […]

Laughter . . . It’s Good For You!

Laughter is often overlooked  as a therapeutic resource. That’s too bad because, in addition to it being effective, it is cheap as dirt and a whole lot of fun! You don’t have to look far to find research on laughter as being the best medicine. Serious study began in 1979 […]

Listen To Your Body

I have a long time buddy who used to be pretty seriously involved in weightlifting. One time, during our discussions about various workout related topics, he sagely advised me . . . “listen to your body”.  While this might seem obvious enough, sometimes workout mania may cloud clear thinking in […]

The Truth About Medical Costs

We think we know what medical costs are, but the truth is the current system makes that impossible. When we want to have our car or our home repaired, we get an estimate and we expect the estimate to approximate the amount we get charged. But that isn’t how healthcare works. […]