Start Your Own Country

If you really get tired of . . . well, whatever, you could always do what Kevin Baugh did. Start your own country. Well . . . micro-nation to be exact. Watch this short but humorous YouTube video to learn all about how Kevin actually pulled it off and get a tour […]

Louie, Louie Is Back In The News!

Back in 1963, a much simpler time, there was a rock hit called Louie, Louie by the Kingsmen. If you have seen Animal House, you know Louie, Louie. It was often spoken about as if the lyrics were in some way risqué but nobody really knew what the heck they […]

Kindness – The Golden Rule

Kindness and the concept of doing unto others has been around a long time and the Golden Rule is found in almost all religions and cultures back through the ages, though it is worded differently in different situations. The fact is that kindness can actually be good for your health […]


Friends . . . it is a word that suffers from an identity problem. You see, it is a concept that gets bandied around much too casually. It is to the point where the real meaning has been forgotten. And, the causes are many. First and foremost is the harried pace […]

Music Can Help You Relax

A search for using music to relax will uncover a wealth of info about the science behind it and various ways to do achieve Nirvana. But most of what you see, will tell you about listening to music to relax, which is great but, you can actually do even more! Believe […]

Say Hello To People You Meet – A Challenge

Hello is a most powerful word. Interestingly, it has an impact on both the hello-er and the hello-ee, if I might take some liberty with the language. It turns out that it has profound physical effects on both parties too. If only we take advantage of this great tool. A search on […]

Do It Now, While You Can

It is rare to hear of stories of people on their deathbed saying “I wished I worked more hours” or something to that effect. Instead they often say they wished they had spent more time with family or doing something they never got to. So, I find myself wondering why […]

Put Down That Phone!

Okay, maybe this is a bit of a rant but really . . . put down that phone! I’ll admit it, I am not big in social networking, and I do check my phone when I get a second but it is usually when I am alone and it is […]

Plant Lessons

Life isn’t about adding endlessly without some serious pruning. Sometimes we just have to let things go. Eva Fairbanks writes in the Washington Post: “What searcher in a haystack would say the way to find a pin is to heap on more hay? But in our search for happiness, this is […]


Everyone wants to be happy. And now countries are taking notice and beginning to measure the level of happiness in their populations over time. Many have become disillusioned with using GNP or income as indicator of happiness. Even the OECD, which standardized the calculation of GNP across countries has gotten on board. You […]