Get Things Done

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work smarter, not harder is a phrase that originated with Allan Mogensen, an industrial engineer and the father of work simplification in the 1930’s. Other sources cite its earliest use in the public by Moore Business Forms around 1949 in their work simplification program. That seems to be followed by its […]

Ideas To Help You Get Things Done

Everybody wants to get things done. We all have too many things, in actuality. And most everybody has what can loosely be called a “pile” of all their to do’s. Whether it is a literal pile or, a distributed pile with things stuffed in drawers. Some even keep the pile […]

Reduce Stress In Your Life

You already deal with enough difficulties everyday and anything you can do to reduce stress in your life will improve your sense of well-being. A lot of times, solutions are really simple, if the problem is approached the right way. Typically, when someone says something like “when can you get this to […]

Simplify Your Email

Is your Inbox eating you alive? Shouldn’t your email be making your on line experience, and your life, simpler? Maybe you need to take some steps to simplify your email. Here are some tips to consider to help make email more productive: Choice of your email provider(s) When it comes to email, you have […]

To Do Lists Everywhere?

  Lists are interesting things. Most of us realize that they are nifty tools and most of us somehow seem to screw them up. If your like me, the natural tendency is make a list of things as you think of them, on a piece of paper. That part works […]

Inertia and Couch Potato Syndrome

Ever hear of couch potato syndrome? It is a product of inertia. Newton, in talking of the laws of physics, spoke of inertia as the fact that an object at rest, absent any outside forces tends to stay at rest. People do too! Trust me, I struggle with keeping the […]