Eliminating Excess Stuff

Get Your Projects Under Control

If you are like me, you might¬†accumulate quite a few unfinished¬†projects. It starts out innocently enough. Perhaps you see something in need of fixing around the house and you gather some of what you need to tackle the chore. But then you get sidetracked so the project gets postponed. Or […]

Buy Smarter, Buy Better

It is interesting to look at the stuff we buy, think about why we bought it and just sometimes, say to ourselves . . . . what the heck was I thinking? I found myself confronting this exercise for the past several weeks while getting rid of stuff (literally everything) […]

Simple Filing System

Most people today, are buried in paper. And all that paper, has made records retention a nightmare. We get receipts for everything from a cup of coffee to a car purchase and everything in between. And while they seem easy to collect, they are hard to get rid of. And […]

What Is This?

Well? What do you think it is? I came across this one last week and it caused me to think. Maybe you said it is a power strip, and it is, but it is much more than that. How many power strips do you have in your house? And at […]

Organize Your Desk 1

Do You Need to Organize Your Desk? Desks. They sort of have a way of getting away from us, don’t they? At least some of us. But a disorganized workspace can cause stress and cost you money, for instance when that unopened bill lies buried on your desk and doesn’t […]

10 Great Reasons To Declutter Your LIfe

If you are like me, you have something driving you, telling you that you should really declutter your life. We are a nation of pack rats. Look at all the storage businesses that exist. When we fill our homes so full we can’t stand it any more, rather than getting […]

Quality? Or Price?

When it comes to quality, as truly as less is sometimes more, so too, is more sometimes less. Consumerism as sold to us by business in the media, is a never ending stream of created wants to drive sales. In many cases, this fact, coupled with the weakened consumer disposable […]

Do I Really Need 70 T Shirts?

As I begin my study of happiness and its relation to stuff, I find myself looking around at some of my possessions. I realized that I have more than 70 tee-shirts in my closet. And I don’t wear them in the winter so they only receive about six months of […]