Living Without Cable TV

Cable TV programming is often bundled in such a way that it is almost hard to not take the most expensive alternative. It is not uncommon for families to spend $150.00 and more just on the TV programming that they purchase! But you do have options that could put a […]

9 Years of Your LIfe!

That, according to the A.C. Nielsen Co., is the amount of your life, you will have spent watching TV by the time you are 65 years old. This assumes you watch the American average of 4 hours per day. While you may watch a bit more or a bit less, you undoubtedly […]

Parents, your kids don’t need more stuff 1

This interesting post on CNN by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton discusses their research findings about kids and stuff. Guess what? They don’t need it! Some highlights: People who make more money feel time spent with their kids is less meaningful Saving before having a child tends to impoverish the […]

Buy a Vacation Home? Be Prepared 2

When you buy a vacation home, you may very well be in for a really big surprise. They cost more than you think. A whole lot more. This blog by Ben Steverman explores the surprising costs associated with vacation home ownership. In short, if the cost of the sought after […]

We don’t need our stuff

Interesting short post from USA Today that would indicate others aroudn the world agree, we have too much “stuff”! It also hints at some new emerging trends to watch like sharing instead of owning. Consumers: ‘We don’t need our stuff’ What will this mean for consumers in the coming decades?   […]

The Materials Economy

I came across the attached YouTube video about, of all things . . stuff! But, it was really more a primer about the materials economy. The video makes the following points: Consumerism was consciously decided on as the solution to a sustainable economy during the Eisenhower administration at the end of the […]

Where Are You In the Consumer Lifecycle? 1

Amidst all the other things that happen in our lives, we are also going through a consumer lifecycle. A Google search doesn’t turn this up because the web is a capitalistic endeavor and the search will return information for businesses in managing your wants to their ends. That’s how business […]

Sure Fire Way to Save Money 1

Everyone is looking for a sure fire way to save money these days and to make a buck go further. The problem has to do with the way marketing works. It is good for them and bad for you. All very psychological. Luckily, the solution is psychological too. A simple […]

Ford Versus Cadillac 3

Stumbled on this great read in Business Insider Singapore. It shows two different approaches to life, consumerism and the environment. Be sure to watch both commercials to see the contrast. So, which are you, a Ford person or a Cadillac person? Ford Just Absolutely Destroyed Cadillac’s Ad Praising Rich Guys […]

Plastic Water Bottles Are Not Simple

Like life, plastic water bottles are not simple. I will be the first to admit there are times and a places where plastic bottles should be used. And each one of us needs to make a decision each time we are presented with the choice. But, as you make that […]