Jobs: Soon A Thing Of The Past 1

Not that long ago, jobs were analyzed in terms of how many were being added to the labor force and how many were projected to be added going forward. Now, jobs are being viewed in terms of how much their number is contracting! In fact, according to the BLS, the […]

Simple Work Life Balance

Remember work life balance? Well, according to Ron Friedman, a social psychologist and authority on the subject, it’s a thing of the past. Not a major news flash to us, right? Work teams scattered around the world, email and text messaging. Yes, maybe even on Christmas Day for some. The question is, what […]

Education And Technology

Most of us naturally assume that education and technology advance hand in hand. We think that most students will learn better with the newest gadgets and of course, parents are quick to buy the latest devices to further their children’s’ education. But perhaps methods that have evolved over thousands of years (literally), […]

Success In Personal Interactions

Wow! This is a TED Lifehack Talk that is both Inspirational and informative. In it, Amy Cuddy shares results of some powerful scientific research about body language and explains how to use it to affect outcomes. She explains the science, shows examples and tells you how to use it to be […]

The Importance of Plan B 1

I have always believed that plans are just that . . . plans. And, plans are subject to change. And sometimes the plans are totally blown up and fall apart. Hence, the importance of Plan B. You should always ask yourself “what happens if this just doesn’t work out? What […]

Whatever Happened To The Four Day Workweek?

Four day work week? Oh Boy, sign me up! Time with friends and family. Relaxing. Trips to the shore (if you are not from New Jersey, that is what we call the beach). Huh? Wait. What do you mean that deal is off? In the not too distant past, it was […]