Making a Doctor’s Appointment

A regular physical is great for prevention

Making a doctor’s appointment is something that must be easy in this day and age.

You would think . . .

But, it’s not.

I am qualified to tell you this after spending a day and a half trying to make a doctor’s appointment.

I have always made the effort to take care of myself and have regular physical exams and have been satisfied with the care I have gotten as the result of my efforts.

But now, I am mobile and want to see a doctor to re-authorize a couple of prescriptions.

So, I shopped Google, the Medicare website and spoke with my insurance carrier.

Many listed practices get less than stellar reviews.

Nonetheless, I found some good prospects and started calling.

Their first question is, who is your insurance carrier. No problem there, as my policy picks up everything.

Then they often want you to come in to give them a copy of your insurance card and fill out paperwork and then they will request your medical records and, one even said the doctor would review the medical records and if they were interested they would give me a call to make an appointment.

Another common model I have discovered here in Florida, is “call the day you want to come in and make an appointment”. Not easy to get thru and very primitive. And, my confidence in being seen on time is not high.

At last, I booked an appointment of sorts with a walk in facility a few days out.

While I thought all my problems were solved, I was to be a bit disappointed.

Yes, they saw me and the visit went fine but they said I should go to my primary care provider to have blood work down as they only wrote a refill for a one month duration.

My primary care provider is back in New Jersey and I am in Florida. It doesn’t solve my problem.

So, I changed the objective and decided to find a new primary care provider in an area I knew I would  be transiting through for at least a while.

For me, that place was Mobile, AL. So, next week, at my appointment, I will try to complete something that I have been working on for about two months. I am hoping I will be good until I move on from this part of the country but that is a year or so away.

The takeaways from this are:

  • be sure you have a primary care physician
  • healthcare shouldn’t be this difficult to work with, especially for people already in the system. I happen to have all my records electronically but, what if I didn’t?
  • why should it be so hard for someone, to get into a system in the first place?
  • I see a rise in the number of Physician’s Assistants (PA’s) and I think that is a good thing. All my experiences with them have been excellent and they care and have the time to care.
  • your medical records are important! They can save you time and money. We have then both electronically and in print and we update them with newer information as we go.
  • an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Get annual physicals. They help you stay a bit ahead of anything that might arise over time.


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