Yearly Archives: 2016

Louie, Louie Is Back In The News!

Back in 1963, a much simpler time, there was a rock hit called Louie, Louie by the Kingsmen. If you have seen Animal House, you know Louie, Louie. It was often spoken about as if the lyrics were in some way risqué but nobody really knew what the heck they […]

Kindness – The Golden Rule

Kindness and the concept of doing unto others has been around a long time and the Golden Rule is found in almost all religions and cultures back through the ages, though it is worded differently in different situations. The fact is that kindness can actually be good for your health […]

Get Your Projects Under Control

If you are like me, you might accumulate quite a few unfinished projects. It starts out innocently enough. Perhaps you see something in need of fixing around the house and you gather some of what you need to tackle the chore. But then you get sidetracked so the project gets postponed. Or […]


Friends . . . it is a word that suffers from an identity problem. You see, it is a concept that gets bandied around much too casually. It is to the point where the real meaning has been forgotten. And, the causes are many. First and foremost is the harried pace […]