You Can Get Rid Of All Your Stuff 1

You Can Get Rid Of All Your Stuff

I know you can.

I say that because we just did it ourselves and know it can be done.

Of course, we began a while back, with a lot of pruning of our possessions

We disposed of the rest using various methods. Some techniques worked on some types of items and on some things nothing worked!

What we didn’t want to sell but couldn’t afford to take, friends offered to hold and ship at some time in the future. It wasn’t much!

On July 11th, at the end of all the preparations, we packed up what remained and loaded it into our RV and we were off!

As we met others, we came to learn that it is a special fraternity you join. . . those who have sold it all.

And enlightened too. They all seem in awe of the fact that they discovered that they didn’t need much at all to live and enjoy yourself. And in that discovery, together with the fact that they are RVing, they achieved a surprising sense of freedom.

Phrases like:

  • “I have the best back yard”
  • “Going where the weather suits my clothes” (thank you Harry Nilsson)
  • “If I don’t like my neighbors, I can just move.”

Bbecame common occurrences.

So, yes, you can get rid of all your stuff and it quickly disappears in the rear view mirror and the sense of freedom it gives you is amazing!


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy

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One thought on “You Can Get Rid Of All Your Stuff

  • Gary Greene

    We sold 98% of our physical possessions in 2013. Cars, books, music CDs, even clothing, jewelry, tools, and more.
    Our remaining life’s possessions at the end consisted of 2 laptop computers, 3 pieces of framed artwork and a couple dozen books, and only as much clothing as would fit into 2 suitcases apiece which we traveled overseas with.
    Our realization – the big takeaway – was that we had spent decades accumulating crap. We’d paid retail + sales tax, maintained and dusted it all and realized its true value when it was time to sell it on CraigsList or Ebay. There were a small number of things that brought us more than we expected, but mostly, we realized how much we had wasted acquiring crap.
    Today, we like to buy ‘gently used’ at thrift stores or on CraigsList, and we make a game out of how little can we spend to have a working wine bottle opener and a patio umbrella.
    Changing the attitude from ‘gotta have that’ to ‘I don’t NEED that’ makes all the difference.