Maximize Quality With Inspection

Inspection.jpgQuality is something you should aim for in everything you do. Inspection helps you achieve it.

In some cases the results of failure to inspect our work can be substantial, but even day-to-day mundane things we do can stand some quality improvement.

Have you ever noticed the misspellings in the emails you receive? Heck sometimes, emails I receive don’t even make sense!

And look at the news headlines which, even from respected sources at times, is rife with errors in spelling and sense.

The solution to the problem is simple.

Make inspection, the final step in everything you do!

This can help a lot in email and texting. Mostly because we do it so much.

In texting, stop, take a deep breath, make sure the sender is who you think it is (one of my common mistakes) and check that your content makes sense. Maybe even re-read the text you are responding to before you re-read your answer.

While misspelling in texts is a badge of honor for some, I can’t do it. I need to be sure I am displayed in the best light I can be.

In emailing, try saving a draft of your email first and coming back to it after at least a short break. Chances are you will find some mistakes, or  see some other edits you will be glad you made.

In terms of other things you do, always take a minute at the end to inspect what you have done. Often you will find missed tasks, tools left behind, or things you meant to do but didn’t.

Many of us run on autopilot and the results are generally pretty amazing. But autopilot doesn’t account for the specific requirements of what we are doing. If you always do something a certain way, and this time it is different, you may very well do the same thing out of habit. Inspection helps prevent that sort of mistake too.

So, next thing you tackle,, whether it be mowing the lawn or sending an email, take a moment at the end and inspect what you have done.

Then . . . you can congratulate yourself on a job well done!


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy

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