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If you really get tired of . . . well, whatever, you could always do what Kevin Baugh did. Start your own country. Well . . . micro-nation to be exact. Watch this short but humorous YouTube video to learn all about how Kevin actually pulled it off and get a tour of this beautiful country and meet some of its residents.

Actually, Molossia has somewhere between 6 and 32 inhabitants, its own time zone, currency, space program, measurement system and navy. They even provide foreign aid to the United States!

Even more fascinating is that there are over 100 micro-nations throughout the world, mostly formed to protest something. Another famous US micro-nation is The Conch Republic, which has been around since 1974.

There are several YouTube videos on Molossia including an interesting 20 minute documentary called a Tiny Spark which examines the social and legal aspects of micro-nations in general and Kevin’s in particular.

In the meantime, if you happen to find yourself near Dayton, NV, do surrender your pocket change, present your passport and visit plucky little Molossia.

The lesson is, of course, that you can live your dream, no matter how crazy it is if you just do it.


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy



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