What I Learned From Getting Rid of Everything

Since our RV imposes great limitations on what you can take with you on the road, we are currently in the process of getting rid of everything. And we better do it quick, as the house sold in four hours and the close is in early July!

I think I have learned some things along the way with this project and thought I might share a few of my thoughts with you. Maybe they will be helpful to you in getting rid of everything  . . . .  everything that you want to get rid of.

Where did it all come from?
Based on my observations of others in my neighborhood, we are hardly packrats. That said, we still had a lot of things and as we sorted through them I keps asking myself where did it all come from? It seems that while things are acquired in little dribs and drabs, their is no similar disposal mechanism.

What was I thinking?
I don’t tend to buy junk and I am definitely not fashion conscious but I nevertheless succumb at times, to the theory “I’ve got to have that”, even though I know it isn’t so. The result is that things accumulate over time.

Too many projects, too little time
I tend to collect the requirements for projects before tackling them but often, priorities change and I would wind up with all the materials for a project that isn’t going to be done immediately. That takes up space and causes stress because you begin to see all of theoe unfinished projects around you.

In terms of what you use, 80/20 is an understatement
In actuality, we use less than ten percent of our stuff, over 90% of the time! The rest of the stuff, just sits there waiting for it’s turn. Sure some losses pose an inconvenience, like the fact that our patio table and chairs are gone so, we need to scramble to entertain outside. But by and large, the fact that we are getting rid of everything hasn’t been unpleasant at all.

What people do and don’t want that you have is surprising!
A real eye opener is the fact that some things, you can’t even give away! And often, these are really great finds!  Also on a practical note, I find that most items should sell at 25-33% of what they cost today. Some things that have a long live, should me more (like an aluminum extension ladder which is probably worth closer to 50%). Something I will keep in mind when we land in our new digs and I do the reverse.

But, while I will eventually buy some “stuff”, it will be a very small amount and I will buy it either for a song, or with the clear understanding that when I buy something, it will only be worth about a quarter what I am paying when I am done with it.


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy

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