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Bandwidth FrustrationIt’s Better Than Biting Off More Than You Can Chew!

If you are like some of us (ahem, I hope I am not the only one), you probably tend to take on projects large and small, with the best of intentions. But the fact that there are only so many hours in the day and lots of other things competing for your limited attention. This is where the concept of bandwidth comes into play.

At first, I was concerned that the term bandwidth might be confusing in a personal context, but a Google search found 38,700,000 matches so, I guess my fears were unfounded.

As I am in the midst of getting rid of everything for our upcoming road trip, I was amazed when I got to see how many unfinished projects of all stripes I uncovered. Everything from little touch up chores to major undertakings. I had accumulated supplies I would need to complete all my planned tasks . . . when and if I can only find the time!

The Mathematics Is Against You

The thing is, there are only 24 hours in a day and if you work eight (I know that assumes you are one of the lucky few who only work eight), and sleep eight, spend two hours to commute, and two hours to eat, you are left with 48 hours that are all your own.

So, that means you have 2 sixteen hour days on the weekend for yourself! and about 3 hours a day for each weekday.

Your Body Is Against You Too

While you have a whole 3 hours a day to get “stuff” done, fatigue and inertia invariably take it’s toll. As you get older, that gets to be even more compelling. Don’t ask me how I know.

Your Mind Is Going To Have Something To Say About It Too!

Your mind gets tired. Work, work, work. Then home for chores and projects. Arrrrrgh! It wants some time to play, relax and just think. So, even the best of intentions won’t make your mind let you slide.

Some Ideas To Help You Get Control

Learn to say no! It is one of the primary ways to get control of your available bandwidth. You don’t have to tackle every project you are asked to address and you probably shouldn’t if it doesn’t further you goals.

Keep a list of projects you have decided you want to do and be ruthless in eliminating those whose time has passed. The urgency of a lot of projects sort of wither on their own, if you let them just sit a while.

Budget in time for YOU! This is critical in helping you to feel that the hard work, offers a reward. Even time for regular walks outdoors will make a really big difference.

There are really lots of solutions available. These are just a few ideas that come to my mind. Witness the 38 million articles that Google located on bandwidth. Seek some out and see which ideas will work best for your particular situation.


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy

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