Your Teeth And Your Health


It was ten or so years ago, during a visit to our vet, that I became aware of the impact of our teeth on our health. Our vet explained to us that periodontal disease had a significant impact on pets and that regular cleaning of animal teeth, would positively impact their life.

This led me to do a little research on the subject and sure enough, it is clear that the condition of your teeth has a big impact on our health as well as that of our pets. It seems that there is a close correlation between periodontal disease and other health issues, including things like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and even dementia.

While the exact causality is unclear, the guess is that dental plaque, which is pretty sticky, holds toxins and transmits them to the bloodstream by way of the inflammation of the gums that it causes.

But this is an easy risk to overcome with just a few good habits.

First and most obvious is to make dental hygiene a priority. All you need to do is to brush your teeth 2-3 times a day and floss and pick your teeth regularly.  But don’t just use a manual toothbrush. Use an electric one. We use Sonicare brand products. Since I began using an electric toothbrush, the dentist has consistently raved about how good my dental hygiene is. I don’t do anything special, I just brush twice a day. And be sure to use the full two minutes that the brush maker recommends to get the full benefit. Total time for dental care is about 8-10 minutes a day.

Also, watch your diet and the sweets! What you eat can be very hard on your teeth and the rest of your health.

Lastly, make regular dental visits a priority. Most employers include dental as part of their health care suite, though there are often some co-pays. But good care in a timely fashion, means less total cost since big problems are caught early when they are less expensive to address.


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy

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