Louie, Louie Is Back In The News!

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Back in 1963, a much simpler time, there was a rock hit called Louie, Louie by the Kingsmen. If you have seen Animal House, you know Louie, Louie. It was often spoken about as if the lyrics were in some way risqué but nobody really knew what the heck they were saying. Well, it appears that our  intrepid FBI was on the case.

It seems the lead singer, Jack Eli passed away last year. His passing somehow triggered an article about the fact that the song was the subject of a two year investigation, apparently by the FBI for obscene lyrics! Thanks to TechDirt.com for a great read!

Click this to see the website

The link includes photos of actual documents, redacted sections included) and a reader that displays the results of a Freedom Of Information Act request for info and even a video of a performance by the Kingsmen.

While I think that is quite humorous, and a waste of taxpayer funds, I was more entertained by all I learned about the cultural impact of the song, Louie, Louie. Wow! Lots of movies.Lots of recognition and awards.  Impressive.

It seems the song has been recorded by at least 1,500 others. This is more than any other song. As a result, it’s complicated. There is International Louie, Louie Day (April 11th), Louie Fest, and a Louie, Louie sculpture.

But I think the best bit of info I discovered about Louie, Louie is the fact that in 1985 Washington state almost replaced their state song, “Washington, My home” with . . . that’s right . . . Louie, Louie!

In fact, Louie, Louie is just a fun song. Sometimes, it is okay to just have some fun!


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy

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