Kindness – The Golden Rule


Kindness and the concept of doing unto others has been around a long time and the Golden Rule is found in almost all religions and cultures back through the ages, though it is worded differently in different situations. The fact is that kindness can actually be good for your health and wellbeing as well as that of the rest of the world!

A lot of times it can be something as simple as a hello. I am a long time walker and runner and during my morning excursions, I say hello to dozens of people (and dogs) I don’t know. While I am not surprised when older folks respond, I must confess, I find myself more heartened by the percentage of younger people who respond. And even those who look a little . . . shall we say, scarier . . . . tend to respond in a warm and friendly fashion. Invariably, when someone says hello to you, in a friendly manner, you are inclined to respond in kind and you feel a little better afterwards. Maybe because someone acknowledged you or maybe because there was an actual interaction. I wave at others a lot too. In cars, when they let me cross in front of them or, even the UPS man as he is driving down my street. I tell myself that those who don’t respond, either didn’t see me or they have a problem.

Of course, the kindness concept goes beyond just saying hello. It extends to helping out people in need, wherever they are but especially if they cross our paths. If you think about it, if everyone contributed a little towards the solution of each problem, there would be a lot less problems in the world!

Now, it is certainly nice to contribute a few dollars to a worthy cause, but far more satisfaction comes from actually “helping” someone in need, whatever that need may be. Maybe someone who’s car is broken down at the side of the road or a homeless person who needs a meal. This sort of direct kindness creates a very powerful bond between you and the person in need and if you are able to make a difference, I guarantee you that you will leave the interaction feeling better about yourself and the fact that there might be hope for the world.

As for politics . . . I suggest you consider adding kindness to your list of qualifications for those running for office. Does the candidate you favor act with kindness and empathy? If not, is this really someone who should be in a position of power over others lives if he can’t empathize and respond accordingly?

That’s it. Three things: say hi, help others out and consider those you put in power and maybe, just maybe the world could be a little better place.


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy


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