Yearly Archives: 2016

Five Months On

On July 11, after months (and actually years) of research and preparation, we set off on a bit of an adventure. We sold everything including our house, bought an RV . . . and a Jeep Wrangler and we set off for the road in quest of . . . Frankly, we […]

You Can Get Rid Of All Your Stuff 1

You Can Get Rid Of All Your Stuff I know you can. I say that because we just did it ourselves and know it can be done. Of course, we began a while back, with a lot of pruning of our possessions We disposed of the rest using various methods. […]

Tire Care And Your Safety

As we all go tooling down the two lane, we tend to remain totally oblivious to how important tire care is to our safety and well-being. Things so rarely go wrong. That is because the technology and quality of tire manufacturing is so good that they can accommodate a tremendous […]

Maximize Quality With Inspection

Quality is something you should aim for in everything you do. Inspection helps you achieve it. In some cases the results of failure to inspect our work can be substantial, but even day-to-day mundane things we do can stand some quality improvement. Have you ever noticed the misspellings in the emails you receive? […]

Start Your Own Country

If you really get tired of . . . well, whatever, you could always do what Kevin Baugh did. Start your own country. Well . . . micro-nation to be exact. Watch this short but humorous YouTube video to learn all about how Kevin actually pulled it off and get a tour […]

Understand Bandwidth

It’s Better Than Biting Off More Than You Can Chew! If you are like some of us (ahem, I hope I am not the only one), you probably tend to take on projects large and small, with the best of intentions. But the fact that there are only so many […]

About Blogging

After blogging here for about two and a half years, I thought I would share some thoughts about what I have learned from the experience.  Blogging can be simple to do but be prepared to roll your sleeves up and get into things if you want it to be more and read […]

Economic Policy And Elections

Economic policy is discussed all the time but never more so than during election campaigning. And, everyone has magic answers to the problems of modern society that they will enact when they are elected. Unfortunately, much of what is said just isn’t true or doesn’t work the way the politicians tout […]

Your Teeth And Your Health

It was ten or so years ago, during a visit to our vet, that I became aware of the impact of our teeth on our health. Our vet explained to us that periodontal disease had a significant impact on pets and that regular cleaning of animal teeth, would positively impact […]