How To Tie Your Shoes



It’s the holidays and you have plenty of stuff going on already so just a short post with a little present for you. Since this blog is about simple, it is good to return to the basics every once in awhile. How to tie your shoes is certainly both basic and simple . . . right?

Some of you learned how to tie your shoes, quite some time ago as children. I did. But many of us are also victims of shoes that seem to love to untie themselves. I suffer from this problem and have often resorted to a double bow when tying my shoes. Ugly.

Well, actually if you watch Terry Moore’s Talk at TED, you will understand a bit about why this plagues some of us much more than others. It is a very enlightening 2:59 and worth it.

But there is an even better way and it builds on the method above. To solve all your shoe tying hassles once and for all, watch this great Bloomberg Feature Style Guide (only 1:29 in length) and you will never have to bend down and retie again!

Happy New Year to you all!


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy

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