Email Is Dead


It’s sad. I have been told it was going to happen for some time but, I am afraid it is so. Email is dead.

I am sure you have noticed it too. How many email “letters” have you gotten from friends or acquaintances lately? Doesn’t happen any more.

And have you noticed an uptick in the frequency of marketing email lately? Some companies (these are reputable consumer and professional product companies) are contacting me daily, or in some cases, multiple times a day!

But, so what, you say. There are other ways to stay in touch.

Perhaps but, they aren’t exactly providing a safe haven from commerce.

LinkedIn has really tanked lately. Now I receive connection requests that are clearly only interested in selling me what they have to offer. I think it is safe to predict that participation on this site is going to be on the decline if that continues.

As for Facebook, I was never a fan myself as I really don’t want to know that much about what my friends and acquaintances are doing every minute of the day, but even here, the volume of trash has been rising so much that I hesitate to even check in. Oh, and as for Facebook spying on us? They do, and I don’t approve. I don’t use the app, only a browser to minimize being tracked.

What about texting . . .

It’s not really an alternative to conversation, unless you thrive on sound bites. And it offers little permanence.

Add all these changes to the fact that voicemail has become virtually a thing of the past (to the point that some companies are considering eliminating it altogether), and we face a communications dilemma.

Unfortunately, as the technological choices dwindle, opportunities for real dialog and conversation diminish.

Maybe we are reaching the point where we will have to admit that technology doesn’t “do” communication very well if their primary motivation is profit.

So, if you miss really communicating with friends, pick up the phone and call them.

It’s simpler that way.


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy


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