Monthly Archives: October 2015

Music Can Help You Relax

A search for using music to relax will uncover a wealth of info about the science behind it and various ways to do achieve Nirvana. But most of what you see, will tell you about listening to music to relax, which is great but, you can actually do even more! Believe […]

About Those Speed Limits

Since I ride a motorcycle, I have had lots of time to think about speed limits. Sometimes I had time to think about them, when I was behind someone who likes to be sure he stays way under them. And it used to bother me. But more recently, I have come […]

Email Is Dead

It’s sad. I have been told it was going to happen for some time but, I am afraid it is so. Email is dead. I am sure you have noticed it too. How many email “letters” have you gotten from friends or acquaintances lately? Doesn’t happen any more. And have […]