Monthly Archives: September 2015

Cheap or Frugal

Both cheap and frugal relate to how people behave in a transactional situation but, they have very different characteristics and motivations. The word cheap usually has a negative connotation. It evokes a person who avoids spending at all costs. This point of view holds that everything is overpriced. The focus is on spending less. The […]

Noise-It’s Worse Than You Think It is

We recently took an RV trip up to the Wellsboro, PA area. We did this because we wanted some really, really dark skies. Wellsboro, the home of the Grand Canyon of PA, has some of the darkest in the country. We were surprised to discover we found the noise every bit as […]

The Changing Concept of Work In America

Ah, to be back in the golden age of the 50’s and 60’s. Then, work done by the American Worker was highly valued. Employees were well paid with salary, pension, and benefits. Along came globalization and global-mass production and price pressure and all of the great benefits of work have […]

Do You Have A Budget?

A budget is really a roadmap of sorts. It reflects the fact that you have given some thought to where your money will come from and how you plan to spend your money in some upcoming period of time. It might seem sensible that people who are living on the edge, […]