The Great Adventure Update


Our New RV Parking Spot!

As I mentioned in my post back in November, Pam and I (together with our intrepid cats, Sunny and Lindy) will soon be embarking on a great adventure!

The Plan

  • Buy an RV
  • Sell everything
  • Hit the road

The Purpose

  • Reconnect with our inner nomad
  • Meet lots of people
  • See this beautiful country
  • Ultimately, find a new home

The Latest

After a good deal of preparation, we have now completed two successful shakedown rides are pleased to say it seems to fit the bill wonderfully. We have, in the past, lived in a 600 foot condo so, 300+ feet with a really, really big yard, suits us just fine. Heck, our cats (the grrrrls) have even begun to adjust to the new space. Since it is an RV, it is totally self-contained with generator, twin heat pumps, furnace, water heater, 90 gallon freshwater tank and even solar. And, we are looking forward to some boondocking (living self-contained, off the grid).

And to be sure we can get to see all those out-of-the-way places, we have purchased a suitable tow vehicle (in the parlance called a toad, or towed), a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport Ragtop 6 speed. His name is OJ (for Orange Jeep or Orange Juice, I guess). He likes the dirt.

As for our RV, after listening to it grumbling about sitting in a storage lot since October, except for a couple of trips, we have shopped and secured our RV a new home!

Now, we have leased a site in PA near Hamburg. It is about 1:45 from us and will be a combination weekend getaway and launch point for further adventures. The picture above is the new site, a tad bit nicer than a storage lot. It faces east and looks out on a pond.

Among our planned local trips while we are still in this part of the country are boondocking stays at wineries in NY state, a visit to New England,  and The Eastern Shore and much, much more.


Well, there are lots of reasons, actually. I mention some of them in my prior post.

But the real question shouldn’t be why. It should be why not? Everyone has a dream.  Yours might very well be different but equally as passion inspiring. And everyone should  take the steps needed to make it real, if you really want to be able to be happy. Because, if you wait, it may never happen!


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy


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