Monthly Archives: May 2015

Put Down That Phone!

Okay, maybe this is a bit of a rant but really . . . put down that phone! I’ll admit it, I am not big in social networking, and I do check my phone when I get a second but it is usually when I am alone and it is […]

Listen To Your Body

I have a long time buddy who used to be pretty seriously involved in weightlifting. One time, during our discussions about various workout related topics, he sagely advised me . . . “listen to your body”. ¬†While this might seem obvious enough, sometimes workout mania may cloud clear thinking in […]

Write Dates On Your Stuff

If you write dates on the your stuff, you will instantly gain a level of information and control over your consumption habits you never before had. For one thing, you won’t buy supplies until you really need them. If you also write down how long the last purchase lasted, this […]