Monthly Archives: April 2015

Millenials Don’t Want Stuff Either

It isn’t only the retiring Baby Boomers who are beginning to shun stuff. It turns out millennials don’t want stuff either. The Washington Post did an interesting article about this and there is a link below this post. But, one needs only look around to see the changes that are occurring. […]

Stuff Status Update

Recently, an article in Time Magazine, talked about America’s changing national outlook on stuff. This is a major shift in consumption patterns in the making. Those who don’t take heed, may be taken aback by the change or steamrolled by them. Believe it or not, we are starting to get […]

Learning Curve

Most repetitive tasks take longer the first time one attempts them.  That is the learning curve in real life. Planning for the likelihood of a learning curve in budgeting of your time will reduce stress. Here are some tips that can help: Learning curves can be “steep”, which actually mean you can […]