Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Truth About Medical Costs

We think we know what medical costs are, but the truth is the current system makes that impossible. When we want to have our car or our home repaired, we get an estimate and we expect the estimate to approximate the amount we get charged. But that isn’t how healthcare works. […]

The Best Personal Information Managers

Last week, I gave an overview of personal information managers (PIMs) and as promised, this week, I will give you my recommendation for the best personal information manager today. After having used these sorts of products for over 25 years, I believe I have gained some insight into these tools and how […]

Personal Information Managers

Personal information manager (PIM). It’s not a term you hear very often but as a software product group, they have been around a long, long time. Ever since it became obvious that computers would both save time and eat up a lot of time. Basically personal information managers allow you […]

Mind Clone?

A brief but chilling discussion by a Bloomberg reporter with a robot, which (who?) is a mind clone of the inventor’s former wife. Martine Rothblatt the inventor of this robot predicts that mind clones are a mere 10-20 years away.  Bloomberg-Future of AI in Mind Clone Robot Den       […]