Monthly Archives: February 2015

Who Stole Our Overtime?

Soon people may ask, what was overtime? Luckily, the 99.9% find an occasional ally in the 0.1% and Nick Hanauer is one. He realizes what some are slow to grasp . . . the importance of a vibrant middle class. This article explains that the threshold salary that requires overtime is what it […]

Health Care Costs

We all think we understand health care costs. But there is much more to this matter that is vital for us to understand both as individuals and as a nation. The fact is that in this country, cost is not often viewed in light of efficiency of the expense. Everyone wants the […]

Living Without Cable TV

Cable TV programming is often bundled in such a way that it is almost hard to not take the most expensive alternative. It is not uncommon for families to spend $150.00 and more just on the TV programming that they purchase! But you do have options that could put a […]