Stud Your Shoes



If you are (un)lucky enough to live where things get a bit slippery at times, try this simple tip. Stud your shoes!

I have done this since I began running and it works great. I use an old pair of shoes as I only use these for icy conditions.

I insert 6X3/8″ self tapping sheet metal screws into the souls. I have used as many as 12 per shoe but, 8 in the sort I pattern in the photo works pretty well. Just use a nut driver and bear down and they will screw right in.

I have never had a screw come out. They do wear down if you use them on dry roads a lot. Just back them out when you no longer want them. They won’t hurt the shoes.

While these help on a lot of surfaces, be wary of snow on top of glare ice. Nothing will save you on that stuff.


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy









DISCLAIMER:  Roads can be dangerous, Ice can be dangerous. Screws can be dangerous. Take appropriate precautions and don’t go out if you think it is too slippery.  And anything else I legally have to say to protect myself in this litigious day and age.





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