Monthly Archives: January 2015

Are Bigger Companies Better?

Are bigger companies better? I think the answer to that question is, It depends. Bigger companies have really helped improve product quality for the consumer but doing so has tended to turn various brands of products into cookie cutter copies of each other. All have the same basic functionality. Big companies […]

Utah Tries Tiny Homes and Likes the Result

The tiny home movement has not gone unnoticed by some towns and cities looking for creative solutions to problems in their community. Towns using tiny homes are employing a public policy called “housing first” which gives chronically homeless residents homes first, then (a) many problems seem to resolve themselves and (b) […]

Stud Your Shoes

  If you are (un)lucky enough to live where things get a bit slippery at times, try this simple tip. Stud your shoes! I have done this since I began running and it works great. I use an old pair of shoes as I only use these for icy conditions. […]

Money Leakage

Most of us have multiple areas in our financial lives that are subject to money leakage. Money leakage is like a dripping faucet in that it seems innocuous enough but when all the leaks are added up, it can be a lot more than we realize. Personally, I think of money in […]