NJ Voting on Tiny Housing Solutions


TRENTON — A bill under consideration by the state Senate aims to put poor and homeless people in new homes.

Tiny new homes.

Not sure where I stand on this one. I think tiny housing is super but would prefer this particular solution for, say the elderly.

A comment below the article suggested a great idea though . . . rehabilitate old shipping containers instead, using state of the art equipment and tools and set it up as a wage paying training program for the residents. It would serve multiple purposes, training, employment, creating new infrastructure and, since they would then be able to pay rent, it would offset part of the cost.

The picture above is much larger than what the state (or I) was proposing for the homeless but this is an example of the sort of structures that can be built. Finished, this home has stone and siding and looks like a contemporary home. Training could include the full range of construction skills including energy efficiency.

Full Article on NJ.com

What do you think?


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy

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