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Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 4.36.50 PMAs you may have gleaned from past blogs, I have a personal take on the minimalism movement and down what road we are traveling. For us, living the RV Lifestyle seemed a natural way to transition from where we are now, to where we ultimately plan to go. Even though we don’t really know where we plan to go yet!


We have long-planned to move someday. Pam misses the Pacific Northwest and since she came to NJ when we first met, now it is my turn to uproot and move on. I really enjoyed my time spent in that part of the country and Boise particularly was awesome. Our research clearly showed it wouldn’t worthwhile to move a house full of contents from one coast to another when you can sell what you have and buy again for the same money. Talking to others who have moved cross-country, found them in agreement.

In addition, we faced the problem of not knowing exactly where we were going to want to wind up. So that would mean storage fees until we figure that out.

On top of that, we researched Zillow and Trulia and Craigslist for a couple of years and studied how we would select a new neighborhood much less shop for a new home. We considered renting while looking but, it seemed too restrictive. What if we rented then decided we didn’t like an area? Wait until the lease was up then tie up more time trying out somewhere else?

And what about the cats?

Our Solution

Since we love being outdoors and we have done some camping and have lived in a very small condo (about 600 square feet) for five years, a home on wheels seemed a promising solution.

More research and we learned about so many possibilities! Conversion buses, fifth wheels, trailers and more. They all looked great!

But after lots of research, we had narrowed the list of features we wanted and we started to find some favorite brands. We resolved we would start shopping with the intent of purchasing in spring of 2015.

As luck would have it, we stumbled on a coach that had nearly all the features we wanted in the age and price range we were looking for. So, we pulled the trigger last month and our new home on the road was ours.

We are looking forward to the spring and trips to get familiar with our new home and customize it to our needs and that is next on our agenda.

About the Lifestyle

What we might not have in structured living space, we will more than make up for with the size of our yard. We plan to spend some percentage of our time boondocking on Federal lands (free as well as beautiful) which is also called dry camping where your self-contained vehicle provides everything from electric to sanitation. This on top of meeting a lot of people (somewhere between 750,000 and 1,000,000 people live this lifestyle), visiting lots of places and finding out all about this awesome country.

The RV lifestyle is one that is gaining in popularity, for a number of reasons, many of which are covered by Peder Zane in this NY Times post.

R.V. Life: Getting Kicks at Age 66

We will be writing more about our upcoming adventures and what we learn in preparing in future posts.

If you have an RV or, are interested in the idea of hitting the road, we would love to hear from you!

If not, maybe we will see you on the road!


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy


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