Monthly Archives: October 2014

Plant Lessons

Life isn’t about adding endlessly without some serious pruning. Sometimes we just have to let things go. Eva Fairbanks writes in the Washington Post: “What searcher in a haystack would say the way to find a pin is to heap on more hay? But in our search for happiness, this is […]

Retirement Is Changing

How do you envision your retirement? Whether you are young or old, you probably either dream about it, worry about it, or think about it (as in planning for it). But ideas about retirement are changing in incredible ways, and you should probably be aware of them. And . . . […]

Grandma In A Can

I loved the title of the blog post I ran across from the Affordable Housing Institute and thought Grandma In A Can was something you would be interested in learning a bit about. Our homes are a very emotional thing. Until we have one, we want one passionately. Once we have one, we invest […]

Investments Simplified . . . From A Big Player

Add Calpers, the California state employees retirement fund with nearly $300 billion in assets, to the voices of Warren Buffett and Jim Bogle in endorsing index funds for the best returns and to make their investments simplified. Since last year, Calpers has been moving from active fund management to the extensive use […]