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Everyone wants to be happy. And now countries are taking notice and beginning to measure the level of happiness in their populations over time. Many have become disillusioned with using GNP or income as indicator of happiness. Even the OECD, which standardized the calculation of GNP across countries has gotten on board. You […]

Parents, your kids don’t need more stuff 1

This interesting post on CNN by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton discusses their research findings about kids and stuff. Guess what? They don’t need it! Some highlights: People who make more money feel time spent with their kids is less meaningful Saving before having a child tends to impoverish the […]

Could There Be A Trailer Park In Your Future?

The poor trailer park. It has gotten such a bad reputation over the years. And perhaps, rightly so, in the old days. But, due to demographic shifts we should consider if they can be of use.  And technological changes have really altered the manufactured housing marketplace.  As a result, there could be […]