Motorcycle Helmet With a Big Price Tag


If you are a rider who absolutely, positively has to have the best helmet, with all the bells and whistles, you certainly want this $1,900 beauty! Why? Well, it includes:

  • Heads up display
  • 180 degree rearview camera
  • Phone integration
  • Integrated music
  • GPS
  • And much more!

Essentially, it is a smart helmet.

But wait!

All this new technology is great but, for me, riding is about the experience.

The air rushing past, the smells, the changing temperature the sights. In short, motorcycling is to driving in a car, like standing at the edge of the grand canyon is compared to seeing it on a television. They are just not the same.

In this rider’s opinion, too much technology detracts from the essential experience of the ride and being in the here and now.

I say flip open the visor and let the air rush in and experience the ride!

Everyone has their own requirements and I think this is really a neat piece of technology. Just not for me.

You decide for yourself. See their website for more info.

World’s Smartest Motorcycle Helmet


Simple But Happy

Simple But Happy


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