Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Materials Economy

I came across the attached YouTube video about, of all things . . stuff! But, it was really more a primer about the materials economy. The video makes the following points: Consumerism was consciously decided on as the solution to a sustainable economy during the Eisenhower administration at the end of the […]

Proactive Problem Solving

In dealing with situations that arise in our lives, those that have the best outcomes tend to be those with which we can use proactive problem solving. Dealing With Problems Proactively Typically, proactive problem solving deals with issues which we have prepared for and therefore, have a plan, should they arise. You probably […]

How Big Of A House Do You Need? 3

If two people (you and one other person) are sharing a house, how big of a house do you need? Good question. I did some research and while the numbers vary somewhat I found the following facts: 1950 average house size was 983 square feet 1970 average house size was 1,400 […]