Monthly Archives: June 2014

OMG . . . I Survived Childhood!

At the risk of dating myself a bit, I will confess I grew up in the 60’s and I am here to report that I survived childhood. That might seem a strange statement but, I feel need to mention it in view of the way I see parents micro-managing their […]

Reduce Stress In Your Life

You already deal with enough difficulties everyday and anything you can do to reduce stress in your life will improve your sense of well-being. A lot of times, solutions are really simple, if the problem is approached the right way. Typically, when someone says something like “when can you get this to […]

Simplify Your Email

Is your Inbox eating you alive? Shouldn’t your email be making your on line experience, and your life, simpler? Maybe you need to take some steps to simplify your email. Here are some tips to consider to help make email more productive: Choice of your email provider(s) When it comes to email, you have […]

Happiness From One Animal’s Perspective 1

Much of the happiness available to us in life, has no cost at all. It is fair to say that both Benji (the bobcat) and his “friend” are having a great time. They are enjoying themselves without need for anything at all. Experiences like these are priceless and will be remembered forever. I […]