Monthly Archives: May 2014

Education And Technology

Most of us naturally assume that education and technology advance hand in hand. We think that most students will learn better with the newest gadgets and of course, parents are quick to buy the latest devices to further their children’s’ education. But perhaps methods that have evolved over thousands of years (literally), […]

The End of Civilization?

A piece about an interesting report that extrapolates NASA data (using NASA tools) and reviews past societal collapses. It provides us (as a society) with some stimulus for embracing a bit of simplicity. While on the one hand, NASA has sought to not endorse the report, at the same time, other […]

The Home Ownership Myth

There is a home ownership myth that we all buy into a bit, whether we admit it or not and it relates to what home ownership is and what it is not. Owning a home is the American Dream! Remember, government policy supports home ownership with tax incentives and $6 […]

Storage Units For All Our Stuff

There is no better indicator of the fact that most of us have too much, than the numbers about storage units we use for for all our stuff. The Self Storage Association reports that there are about 2.3 billion square feet of self storage facilities in the US. That is […]