Sure Fire Way to Save Money 1

Everyone is looking for a sure fire way to save money these days and to make a buck go further.

The problem has to do with the way marketing works. It is good for them and bad for you.

All very psychological. Luckily, the solution is psychological too. A simple adjustment in your behavior.

You have to promise to try it for a while before making a decision.


Here are the steps you should take . . .

  • Stop looking at catalogs! You are guaranteed to lust in your heart for the things you see, even though you don’t really need them.
  • Don’t watch commercial TV ,or at least TV commercials. Preferably, you need to draw away from commercial television as it is really just a big ad, replete with paid placements and want and need generation but at least don’t watch the commercials. You don’t really NEED what they are selling to be popular.
  • Make all your purchase decisions rational, not emotional. You certainly shouldn’t deprive yourself. But buy what you really want. Not just “stuff”. Do not make hasty purchases. Give yourself a cooling off period to think about it before you commit. Ask yourself questions like: Why do I need a new _____? How many ____ do I need?

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.



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One thought on “Sure Fire Way to Save Money

  • Bill Tanski

    I think this all depends on the dollar size of the purchase. For example, I like to buy running shoes on sale, often in
    the 50% discount range. So, instead of paying the typical $110 for a pair of running shoes, I will buy them on sale
    for $55. Arguably, I may have a pair or 2 too many running shoes. One may call me wasteful.
    However, by my choice, I also drive a 2000 Chevy Malibu with 125,000 miles ..and you have to roll down its windows.
    But I maintain it well…so it operates with no problems, and looks well too. I plan to keep it for another 18 mos. or so.
    I guess what I am saying is that its those “big ticket” items which can set you back…financially.
    As I have said to friends….”Do you really need that Yukon SUV?” I bet in the actual Canadian Yukon they don’t drive those “Yukon”SUVs.
    They probably drive Chevys !