Alternative Housing – On Water


There are a lot of ways to live life, if you are willing to forego some of the spaciousness and creature comforts that we have all become so accustomed to. One type of alternative housing – on the water, holds some appeal for many.

We came across a wonderful little home on Zillow for those who are smitten with the idea of living on the water.

Great little home on Puget Sound

The challenge in living in a small space is not having too much “stuff”.

But think of the adventures!

Cruising the Puget Sound and the Columbia River, meeting new people and going places mere mortals in cars could never hope to venture.

Of course, in addition to this house, you will probably need to pay a slip fee or buy a slip. if you opt to buy one, you could later sell it with the boat. Houseboats are quite popular in the Seattle and Portland areas,so you won’t feel out of place.



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