Monthly Archives: April 2014

Success In Personal Interactions

Wow! This is a TED Lifehack Talk that is both Inspirational and informative. In it, Amy Cuddy shares results of some powerful scientific research¬†about body language and explains how to use it to affect outcomes. She explains the science, shows examples and tells you how to use it to be […]

Where Are You In the Consumer Lifecycle? 1

Amidst all the other things that happen in our lives, we are also going through a consumer lifecycle. A Google search doesn’t turn this up because the web is a capitalistic endeavor and the search will return information for businesses in managing your wants to their ends. That’s how business […]

Sure Fire Way to Save Money 1

Everyone is looking for a sure fire way to save money these days and to make a buck go further. The problem has to do with the way marketing works. It is good for them and bad for you. All very psychological. Luckily, the solution is psychological too. A simple […]