The Space Station Is NOT Simple


Some things can’t be simple. For instance, the space station is not simple. It couldn’t be

It is true . . . the space station is NOT simple. It would be impossible for it to be.

Since human lives are involved (and lots of money and national pride), every critical system has a back up system and, a back up for the back up.

We always have to keep in mind that simple for simple’s sake, can be foolhardy. It is only wise to simplify, to eliminate the non-essential items. This can and should be be applied to most everything you are trying to simplify.

In actuality, for most of us, the trend is more important than an absolute result. So, it is more important to move towards simplicity than it is to achieve maximum simplicity. Essentially, it is the journey that matters. If you embark upon it, you will eventually get there. Moving at less than warp speed, will ensure you don’t overdo it and get into trouble.

While I really love simple, I also am fascinated by technology. I was sent this link by a good friend and invested the 20 minutes it took to watch it. Hope you will too as it is a fascinating peek into a different sort of home with a whole different set of issues than you and I might have to deal with.












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