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Did you know you can live (and work) a very high tech life, free from much of the chaos that society imposes on us and do it wherever you want? And as this couple will show you, the simple nomadic lifestyle is anything but spartan. Cherie and Chris are definitely doing it right! Take a look at this three minute YouTube video and you will come away wanting to know more.

Having traveled extensively by motorcycle (which in itself is pretty simple and nomadic), I was always amazed by how many people would approach us to talk about our bikes and our adventures. Clearly, it is a dream many have, but only few acted on. It seems, though, they wished they had.

I have always dreamed of one day taking my life on the road and think it would make a great way to get from here to “there”. Though I am not really sure yet where “there” is, so an RV is an interesting way to test drive different areas that attract us to see what is really a good fit. As a result, I have been researching this subject on and off for quite some time and stumbling on this website has helped me expand my horizons on the matter.

Thanks to their guidance (and the many YouTube educational videos they have posted), I have learned much and gotten pointed in a lot of interesting directions. I will be spending much more time watching their videos and following their website.

Last night, I spent an entire evening exploring the subject I didn’t even realize existed. Vintage bus conversions. As a result of their experiences, and we have oooh’ed and ah’ed at many, many lovingly restored beauties. Watch for a future blog on the subject.

Do spend a few minutes taking a look at Cherie and Chris’ website. It offers great info even if you aren’t looking to become a nomad. I am sure you will find it awesome!

Cherie and Chris’ Technomadia Website










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