Monthly Archives: February 2014

Project Management and Simple Living

While you might not think of the terms project management and simple living in the same breath, I believe that lessons learned from the field of project management can be very helpful in helping achieve simple living. I have long believed that many sophisticated methodologies are really simple at their […]

Simple Nomadic Lifestyle 1

Did you know you can live (and work) a very high tech life, free from much of the chaos that society imposes on us and do it wherever you want? And as this couple will show you, the simple nomadic lifestyle is anything but spartan. Cherie and Chris are definitely […]

What Makes A Good Retirement Location? 2

I began to ask myself what makes a good retirement location, a long time ago as part of planning where I wanted my life to go and how simply I could get there. What started out as a whimsical thought exercise just kept growing and growing as I explored further. […]