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small dollarRetirement?

Everyone looks forward to retirement as a time to make things simpler and have some time to enjoy life. That doesn’t necessarily mean you stop working, though you might. Or then again, you might not. Retirement is a time of new starts for many. At least, it is an excuse for new starts. I think that is great. If you are near retirement, you should be thinking about the subject, as you might have to make some adjustments to your plan. If you are young, you better be thinking about the subject as what you will face 30-40 years down the road might look very much different than you thought it would. Folks in the middle, they have a bit of latitude to make adjustments with a pretty good idea of what retirement would be like for them but, with no plan, they probably won’t stand a chance of getting where there dreams had hoped. There are more than enough resources to address the financial part of the subject. But to understand your financial future without thinking about how you want your life to look, is not realistic.

 Some Aspects To Consider

If you are hoping for a simpler retirement lifestyle, there are many areas that need to be given some thought.

Location, Location, Location –

  • Do you plan to move from where you are now or stay?
  • Why? Most stay because of family but some do not.
  • ¬†Where do you want to go?
  • How do you know?
  • Why do you want to go there?

Your Home –

  • Keep what you have or get something new?
  • Bigger or smaller?
  • Own or lease?
  • House or town home or ???
  • Land or not?

Adventure –

  • Plan to have one?
  • How do you execute on it?

I will be talking about each of the above topics and much, much more, in depth in future installments but at this point, if it isn’t on your horizon . .

The question is, shouldn’t you give this subject the serious thought it deserves?

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3 thoughts on “Simpler Retirement

  • Bill Tanski

    This is a very thought provoking article. I maybe going out on a limb here, but I think many people (near or at retirement) dream of moving to warmer and cheaper places….such as Arizona, Florida or even places in Central America. But I think few act on those impulses, except for shorter term rentals (or a 2nd home if lucky). The pull of family is very strong and most people end up where their families reside, especially if children or grand children are close by. What on paper makes sense, but its what in the heart that wins out.

  • Pam

    The previous comment merit bears merit however for me, I just got tired of being the “National Bank of Mom.” It was time and it was important to teach my children the worth of responsibility. I love my children and grandchildren dearly and miss them tons, but it was time to put some geographic distance between us. That way, they really need to EARN a visit from or to mom. Earning makes it sweeter and they, in turn, teach their children the value of love and responsibility.

    My children grew up and now live thousands of miles from not only me, but from each other. So, it’s not always easy to fulfill your heart.

  • Tom Mackey

    I enjoyed your post and look forward to future editions.

    I am either in retirement or close to it and it is an interesting experience. Somebody told me that “you never think you have enough money to retire” and I have found that to be true. A thought that must be overcome!

    I have found satisfaction in “outreach” efforts – things I was “too busy” to do while I was working – but wasn’t really.